Thursday, May 31, 2012

If you don't get it... You don't want to

As the Governor recall election looms, we the people of Wisconsin have a rare opportunity to save the dignity of our state.  It's not coupled to the rebuking of all public workers.  It's not reflected in the historic budget cuts to public education.  It's not based on the the idea that workers should pay more taxes while their new employer enjoys a two year hiatus from such expense.

It has nothing to do with the radical concepts championed by the resident Maniac in the Mansion.  It does; however, have everything to do with the integrity of the same guy, governor Scott Walker.  Politicians do not usually out and out lie.  We generally settle for their version of the truth.

According to the Tampa Bay Times website, Walker reached Liar Liar Pants-on-Fire status for stating that the new reciprocity agreement with Minnesota actually makes college more affordable.  He earned PoF's for alleging that worker's unions would not bargain during the introduction of his Budget Repair Bill and that collective bargaining remained intact after its passage.  Walker rated another PoF for his multiple claims that Wisconsin is broke.

Combine those false claims with the fact that he continues to flaunt election laws by not listing complete donor information.  This might stem from his 4/23/12 disclosures showing that out-of-state money comprised 57% of his re-election funds or over 14 million dollars.  This total exemplifies his alignment to "the guys" as he suggested in a taped conversation with a caller who he thought was billionaire David Koch  I doubt that these contributors have yours or my best interest in mind. 

As more evidence appears from the ongoing John Doe investigation into corruption inside his offices, Walker may stand a better chance of being appointed Rod Blogojevitch's cellmate rather than some one's running mate.   I believe that most citizens who "Stand with Walker" have more honesty than this.  But, if they don't get it, they just don't want to.